Work Packages


Led by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), WP1 will ensure the delivery of project outcomes through project management, coordination of Research & Development activities and transparent progress tracking. It will arrange the involvement of stakeholder groups, facilitate internal communication, and ensure ethical research practice throughout the project.

Genomic Technologies

Led by LifeWatch, WP2 will co-design new technological solutions for in-situ use of genomics as well as co-develop research products for processing and analysis of genomics data in vitro and in silico. It will also train personnel and citizens on the use of these solutions.

Image and Bio-optic Technologies

Led by OSLOMET, WP3 will focus on co-design and validation of algorithms and software development for processing , analysing and interpreting the imaging and bio-optics data in ANERIS to achieve the goals of Operational Marine Biology (OMB).

Participatory Technologies

Led by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), WP4 will develop the technologies related to participatory platforms and citizen science (i.e Citizen Observatories) following the ANERIS co-design principles and making use of agile methodologies ensuring constant collaboration at all stages.

Technology Integration and validation on large RIs

Led by QUANTA Labs, WP5 will integrate the products and technologies designed in WP2-4 to establish the cyber infrastructure needed for the proposed ANERIS case studies. The technologies will be validated on a distributed edge-cloud before final implementation.

Exploitation, Communication and Networking

Led by Pensoft, WP6 will raise awareness of ANERIS and guarantee the high impact of the developed technologies by creating and implementing a sustainable Communication & Dissemination plan that includes all external communication activities directed at academia, business, policymakers, and civil society.