ANERIS and MINKA Platform doing Citizen Science in Mersin

08 Mar 2024

Another exciting citizen science event took place, facilitated by ANERIS. After the success of the Ancona (Italy) event in February, this time it was in Mersin (Turkey). The event was jointly organised by MedCities, Mersin Municipality and Middle East Technical University in the framework of the Ocean Cities Network Conferences.

The workshop was titled “Urban Coastal Ecosystems Workshops on Marine Restoration through the use of Nature-Based Solutions”. It was divided in three sections: Biodiversity and restoration, Marine Spatial Planning and Prevention and Elimination of Marine Pollution practices in Mersin. Local challenges and potential solutions such as Water Tropicalization, Environmental Protection and Control Activities, the Marine Spatial Plan using Artificial Reefs, Wastewater management or Coastal economy were discussed among the stakeholders. The event gathered researchers (Middle East Technical University, Mersin University), public authorities and policy makers (Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin Water and Sewage Administration, and Mersin Chamber of Shipping).

During the conference, the ANERIS project was introduced by the Institute of Marine Science (ICM-CSIC). The participants learnt about the potential of Citizen Sciences to have a continuous monitoring of marine biodiversity and how can this contribute to solve some of the current challenges. Afterwards, the participants downloaded and registered to MINKA Platform and performed a hands-on activity on the beach, where different Algae, Seppia officinalis debris, sea snails and sea slugs were found.