ANERIS launches #Previous_Research: Our first social media campaign

12 Jun 2023

We are very proud to announce our first social media campaign #Previous_Research. Aiming for far-reaching innovation in the field of marine research and monitoring, ANERIS works at the cutting edge of scientific and technological progress. Understanding the current state-of-the-art in marine research is pivotal for highlighting the knowledge gaps and potential of ANERIS to spearhead progress in the field. 

Before the start of the project, consortium partners were asked to list influential research from their area of expertise, relevant to the goals and mission of ANERIS. Through #Previous_Research we will share these articles with followers of the project, in order to provide necessary background information, involve followers, and highlight the directions our consortium partners will be working in.

#Previous_Research will come out weekly on the ANERIS's Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow our social media channels and stay tuned.