ANERIS Partners with the ARSINOE Project to Expand MINKA Implementation to Italy

17 Apr 2024

ANERIS has partnered with the Horizon 2020 ARSINOE project to expand the utilisation of the MINKA citizen science observatory in Sardinia. In March, researchers from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) teamed up with AGRIS professionals to train educators from the Istituto Superiore "Duca degli Abruzzi" in Cagliari. A meeting between CSIC, AGRIS, and the Duca Institute laid the groundwork for a pilot project focused on monitoring biodiversity within the institute's premises. Director Marco Dettori (AGRIS), Jaume Piera (CSIC), and Duca Institute teachers collaborated to outline biodiversity monitoring strategies.

The initiative commenced with a BioBlitz conducted by the Duca team and CSIC experts, which documented biodiversity within a designated area of the institute's grounds. Subsequent training sessions conducted by CSIC equipped teachers with the necessary skills to use the MINKA participatory observatory for biodiversity monitoring.

Beyond the training session, researchers from ANERIS seized the opportunity to explore the Sardinian coast, immersing themselves in the region's rich ecological landscape. Additionally, a meeting with an NGO advocating for the preservation of the Catalan language in Alghero served as a gateway to establishing new collaborations and undertaking conversations on expanding the BioMARathon initiative to Sardinia.

The convergence of ARSINOE and ANERIS in this collaboration exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary partnerships in advancing scientific research and citizen engagement. As MINKA continues to evolve as a versatile tool for biodiversity monitoring, the collaborative efforts of both projects promise to yield valuable insights and foster greater scientific understanding.