ANERIS took part in an engaging citizen science event in Portugal

31 Jul 2023

The rocky beaches in the North of Portugal are not just picturesque landscapes, but they are also home to diverse marine organisms of immense ecological, economic, and socio-cultural importance. However, these organisms face challenging conditions during low tides when they are exposed to adverse environmental factors. The north wind, characteristic of the region, plays a crucial role in preserving these communities by promoting water cooling. But with rising temperatures, surviving low tides becomes a life-or-death struggle for these organisms.

To address this pressing issue, on 22 July 2023, a team of experts, amongst whom were ANERIS partners from BIOPOLIS, teamed up in a series of engaging citizen science activities organised by the Centro Ciência Viva de Vila do Conde. The primary goal of these activities was to showcase the work of scientists and involve the community in safeguarding their local marine ecosystems. The event further emphasised and showcased accessible tools like MINKA, which allow to identify marine species effectively. To aid in the identification process, a simple species identification guide was designed and shared with the participants.