Rosa Arias at the "Ciència amb tu" programme

Citizen science: a key piece for marine conservation

03 Jul 2023

Rosa Arias, CEO and founder of Science for Change, recently emphasised the vital role of understanding the state of our oceans to implement effective conservation measures. During the latest episode of "Ciència amb tu" she discussed the significance of ocean awareness for sustainable preservation.

Building on their experience in co-designing technologies through the Cos4Cloud project, Science for Change is taking another significant step with the ANERIS project. This ambitious endeavor involves organising more than 10 workshops, engaging all stakeholders to collectively design the project's technologies and the ultimate Operational Marine Biology products, utilising data gathered during the project.

The key component of these workshops is co-design, a collaborative process where various stakeholders - including citizens, public and private entities, and the research community - join forces to devise and prioritise functionalities, prototype, and test technologies and actions. By embracing a user-centered approach, the ANERIS project aims to ensure that the developed solutions align closely with the needs and aspirations of those who will benefit from them.

The full article, along with a recording from the live discussion at the "Ciència amb tu" can be found here. NB!: The content is in Spanish.