CytoSub Training at the SmartBay observatory in Ireland

20 Jun 2024

Following the deployment at the OBSEA cabled observatory in April, the CytoSub Shallow was tested at the SmartBay observatory in Galway, Ireland in the last week of May. After deployment (planned for July), the sub will collect detailed information on microbe communities and their diversity & physiology as well as trends in biological variables like the abundance and growth of phytoplankton or zooplankton, or harmful algal blooms.   

An engineer from CytoBuoy visited SmartBay and the EMSO team in Ireland between the 28th and 30th of May to provide training on the technical aspects of flow cytometry and maintenance. 

Training was also conducted on the use of flow cytometry with freshwater samples, the use of CytoSense and clustering with CytoClus.

Read more about the CytoSubs in our previous news from the OBSEA observatory, as well as on the website of our partners at CytoBuoy.