Despite the cold waters, FECDAS keeps on diving and found the Aneris Nudibranch!

01 Mar 2024

This January, the Federation of Subaquatic Activities in Catalonia has carried out several actions within the framework of the ANERIS project and has coordinated the first observation surveys of 2024. 

Despite the cold waters, volunteers went for a dive in Catalonia, where a total of 3 census of marine biodiversity were done in January. In addition, the team contributed to the dissemination of task within ANERIS, by sharing news about the activity at the University of Barcelona Conference. 

Illes Medes 13/01/2024

On January 13th, a dive was made in the Medes Islands led by the volunteer group VIMAR Marine Life. A total of 10 divers took part in the census of marine biodiversity of the Medes Islands and reported the observations to the MINKA platform.

The second activity took place on the 23rd of January. A group of divers carried out monitoring activities of the marine biodiversity of a Posidonia oceanica meadow in Vilanova i La Geltrú. The marine fauna and flora observations spotted during the dive were also uploaded on the MINKA platform.

On January 25th, a conference about scientific dissemination was held at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona, with the aim of making visible the role of FECDAS as an proactive entity within the ANERIS project. More about the conference is available here.

Conference at University of Barcelona 25/01/2024

Lastly, on January 27th, a group of 12 volunteers dived in “las Piscines del Forum” nearby FECDAS facilities in the city of Barcelona. A curious species of nudibranch called Antiopella cristata was observed. This specie, known as sea slug, reaches sizes of up to 8 centimeters and sports the same bright colors as the ones of the ANERIS branding.

Barcelona dive (Fòrum) 27/01/2024