Developing the EMUAS System: Prototypes, Deployment Tests, and Future Innovations

26 Jun 2023

At OsloMet, our dedicated ANERIS team has been actively working towards the development of the Expandable Multi-imaging Underwater Acquisition System (EMUAS). This groundbreaking project, part of WP3 (Task 3.2), aims to revolutionise underwater imaging technology. In collaboration with OsloMet Oceanlab, a group of bachelor students from the mechanical and electronics engineering programs took on the challenge of creating the first prototypes and conducting initial deployment tests in the majestic Oslofjord of Norway.

One of the remarkable capabilities of the EMUAS system is its ability to stream video and audio in real time during deployment. The experts incorporated a passive acoustic recorder, or hydrophone, into the prototype, allowing for comprehensive data capture. With synchronised video and audio, the system can provide valuable insights into underwater environments.

To showcase their achievements, the experts at OsleMet have prepared a short video that provides a captivating overview of the EMUAS system and its capabilities.:

Additionally, for those interested in observing the system in action, a live feed recording of the first deployment tests is also available here.

The next steps for the OsloMet team is to release all hardware and software designs of the EMUAS system as open source on GitHub, which will enhance the adoption of this innovative technology and foster collaborative endeavors among researchers.