First Coordination Meeting Between SU-LOV, SmartBay, and OBSEA Paves the Way for Particle & Plankton Observations

23 Oct 2023

An important coordination meeting took place on 11.10.23 between representatives from SU-LOV, SmartBay, and OBSEA, marking the first step towards advanced marine particle observations.

The teams convened to discuss the integration of two UVP6s – cutting-edge underwater imaging devices – on the SmartBay and OBSEA observation platforms. These instruments are set to be deployed in February 2024, timed to collect data during the spring bloom.

The UVP6 is an instrument with dual capabilities. It can count particles with a size greater than 80 µm ESD and capture images of those larger than 645 µm ESD. By integrating the UVP6 on the observation platforms, the teams will test the UVP piloting application which enables automatic data retrieval and remote piloting, streamlining the process for researchers.

Moreover, the real-time data flow will be directed into two specialized applications: EcoPART, which processes particle data, and EcoTAXA, tailored for storing and processing plankton data. The UVP6s will also shed light on particle gradients 2-10m from the seafloor, and how they shift with variations in season, time, and water currents.

Stay tuned for the upcoming deployment and the exciting results to follow in February 2024.