Three BioMARathons will Engage Citizens in Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Supported by ANERIS in 2024

27 May 2024

After the great success of 2023's BioMARathon in Spain, this year (read here), ANERIS is supporting three BioMARathons in Spain, Portugal and Italy, the first two of which kicked off their first activities on the 11th of May and will go on until September (Portugal) and October (Spain). The BioMARathon in Italy will kick off in June with more details to be announced then.

The large-scale citizen science BioMARathons aim to collect data on marine and coastal ecosystems and their inhabitants by engaging local communities in biodiversity monitoring and conservation. This is achieved through regular organised field trips and diving activities, facilitated by researchers, diving associations and local organisations or by individual outings by volunteers using the MINKA app. More than 14 activities with over 120 participants have been already carried out this year, including multiple diving and snorkeling biodiversity census excursions in Barcelona, Tarragona and Girona (Spain), and field trips to coastal and tide pool ecosystems in Viana do Castelo, Mindelo and Foz in Portugal. 

Through the course of these interactive excursions, volunteers learn to recognise, photograph and identify a variety of marine and coastal species, record observations using the MINKA app and immerse themselves in the natural world while simultaneously collecting valuable ecological data. 


The BioMARathons provide an exciting opportunity for collaboration between research institutions, local diving clubs and associations, and the general public. Last year, this collaborative effort in 3 cities on the Catalan coast in Spain yielded over 60 000 observations of marine life, collected by more than 300 volunteers.

Engaging the public in the scientific and nature conservation process is one of the primary goals of ANERIS and we are extremely proud to be able to help facilitate the growth of the BioMARathon in Portugal and Italy.

 Follow the BioMARathons and see their planned activities: