workflows for the MARine GENOmics DAta managemenT

At present, marine genomic data is not adequately integrated into European and global data systems, partly due to the unavailability of user-friendly tools for reformatting sequence data output.

ANERIS will provide procedures that format sequencing data output according to Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) and MIXS standards, enabling non-expert data managers to effectively contribute to European data aggregators.

Currently, MARGENODAT is exploring compatibility among data aggregators, and defining data standards.

Target Stakeholders

Governmental Authorities: OBIS-UNESCO

Citizens, NGOs, associations:  Taxonomic backbone (e.g. WoRMS)

Academia: EU projects (eDNA-Aquaplan) for the overview of the standards, other experts consultations

Contact / Technology lead:

Pascal Hablützel (

Partners involved