Two CytoSubs Pending Deployment at OBSEA and SmartBay Observatories

08 Apr 2024

Great news from the ANERIS CytoBuoy team as their CytoSubs have been sent to our partnering underwater observatories for testing, training and deployment.

CytoSubs are imaging flow cytometers which analyse microorganisms and particles in water, such as Phytoplankton. They collect in depth information on microbe communities and their diversity, viability, germination and physiology. The subs can also detect changes and notice trends in biological variables like the abundance and growth of phytoplankton or zooplankton, or harmful algal blooms. 

The instruments can run autonomously for multiple months on a set measuring schedule. The output of the measurements are single particle footprints and images. Unique for the CytoSubs is the wide particle range that can be measured. For ANERIS, the produced images will be used for the data pipeline developed by Vlaams Institute for the Sea (VLIZ) in their AIES-PHY, Automatic Information Extraction System for PHYtoplankton images.  

The EMSO OBSEA observatory has received the instrument and is setting it up in its test bench. The CytoBuoys team will be in Spain for training and deployment from 9-11 April. The deployment in EMSO SMARTBAY in Ireland is planned for the end of April.

Below: (left) Images of plankton and small particles, generated by the CytoSub; (right) CytoSub deployment